Most people staying at the Glebe notice how quiet it is, both inside and out. Inside, the well-insulated walls and double glazing keep most things out. Outside, our patch of grassy land lies between the house and the fields which are variously inhabited by sheep and cows.  Peaceful, except for when the bulls are bellowing…


It is perfectly possible to while away the week sitting on the bench at the gable end doing absolutely nothing.


We are about 300 yds from the Warbeth Road – or the Brae o’ Witt as it is known locally. Our ‘traffic noise’ is mainly from the occasional tractor. You can avoid the road and walk the farm track direct from the Glebe to Warbeth beach in 5-10 minutes, depending on how often you stop to admire the view.


At Warbeth choose!  


Turn right for the cliffs of the West, following the coast to Black Craig, Yesnaby and Skaill, or even as far as the Brough of Birsay.


Or turn left for the 2.5 mile walk round the shore to Stromness


Or, for the brave, go straight ahead for a quick dip in the sea.

                                                                                                                   Swimmers at Warbeth looking towards Black Craig


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Our local town has everything you need – nearly.  Admittedly there is no Marks & Spencers or John Lewis (thank goodness).  But:


Food shopping is well covered, with Flett’s the butcher, the OFS (fish), Argo’s the baker, the Deli and a well-stocked Coop at the North End.


Good pub food can be had at several places and there is a chip van which comes to the pier head regularly. There is also a Chinese take-away.


There are several excellent cafes along the street (details at the Glebe)


And culture is well catered for:  The Pier Arts Gallery, Northlights Gallery, Stromness Museum and the Library.


Explore the street for other small and unique shops, including one of the best bookshops in the UK, Stromness Books and Prints. (The Tearoom is just around the corner…)





The Old Manse (where we live) and the Glebe stand in open farmland. We are surrounded by fields with livestock - cows, bulls, calves, sheep, and lambs depending on the time of year. Our own hens roam freely around our land, and we have a collie who is at home about the place. This makes for a very special location for a holiday, but for these reasons we would ask you to be responsible if bringing a dog with you - please make sure to keep it under close control.




Orkney falls under the Scottish Freedom to Roam act. When walking around the area, and further afield through the islands, please make sure to observe the countryside code (see the link below for further information). Feel free to ask us about access if in doubt.


Scottish Outdoor Access Code


The chickens on sunset wall-top parade

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